Red Dots Mean SOLD Art

virtual art gallery show - Brandy Saturley

Red Dots Mean The Vision of The Artist Survives Symbolically Yours, From Canada opened the day before Canada Day 2020. This virtual 3D art show, produced by the artist Brandy Saturley, allows the viewer to virtually experience a Canadian Art show a decade in the making. With 51 paintings encompassing themes of popular Canadian culture including; […]

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The Artist is Always Working

 I am living in a constant state of orgasm, a marathon of the mind. I live in a constant state of ‘buzz’ and my brain is always working. For me a road trip, a hike or a walk out to my garden, produces endless hours of thought, inception of new ideas, and experimentation; which will […]

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The Work of Art Begins

Creating a great work of art, begins long before the physical act of painting. Artwork is defined as the production of artistic work, such as painting or sculpture, but the work behind making an artwork begins long before the physical production. I just returned from a nine day journey across Western Canada, from Prairies to […]

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13 Years of Art Making

red coat rocky mountains aerial view

A really BIG Art Show to ring in year 14! It is true that in some cultures, the number 13 is lucky. Last year I entered my 13th year of making my sole living off of making Art, full-time. July 1st every year, which coincidentally is Canada Day, always marks the anniversary of my Art business. […]

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Canada Day 2020 Art Show

Canadian artist Brandy Saturley

Celebrating a decade making Pop Canadianisms. It’s June 29, 2020 and the news keeps reminding us that ‘these are challenging times’ and they definitely are, but for artists and people that work in the Arts, we are always in challenging times, it goes with the job description. Art has the ability to uplift, create beauty, […]

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